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CFB: (71 - 53 - 3) *** NFL: (68 - 29 - 2)
*"FB BEST BETS" overall: (36 - 17 - 1)

**CBB 2012-13: (+*47 units) (*unit LOST is added to every ten losses)
**** CBB BEST BETS: (32-22)

CBB RECORD NOTE: We grade all "Best Bets" as 1 unit win or lose!

***2012 CFB BOWLS (13 - 14)/FINAL!
****2012 BOWL PACKAGE (33 - 18)
*****'12 M.L.B. PLAYOFFS (-1.3 UNITS)



2013 "GAMEDAY PICKS" SEASON RECORD: (thru Super Bowl game!):
2013 Final FOOTBALL COMBINED RECORD: (135 - 106 - 1)* (56%)

C.F.B. 2013: (89 - 64 - 1)* (58%)
2013-14 CFB "BOWLS" - FINAL: (13 - 5) *(72%)

N.F.L. 2013: (47 - 42) *(53%)
N.F.L. PLAYOFFS 2013: (4 - 4 )
COMBINED Football "BEST BETS": (20 - 15) *(58%)

**2013-14 COLLEGE BASKETS: (+27 Units) - (**6) thru: Final 4 - 2014!
Note: **we add a one unit loss every 10 losses incurred for vig!

CBB: CONF. "TOURNEY" GAMES: (22 - 19 - 1)

CBB: "Best Bets": (25 - 13)

CBB: 2x REVENGE Games: (9 - 4)

CBB Note: All "Best Bets" (1 1/2, 2 or 2 1/2 units) are graded at 1 unit win or lose!

**2013 MLB PLAYOFFS (6-4-1) (+1.20 UNITS)


**We have decided to take this 2014 FB Season Off - no Gameday Picks! Today marks the Ten year Anniversary of my Gall Bladder Cancer surgery so I waited til today to make this post. In what was one of my most happy summers as my KC Royals are playing their best Baseball in 29 years, but amazingly I lost 5 hometown buddies (one also my cousin) .... all were only 47-53 in age! To top that I lost one of my Godson's too (just 24) as he OD'ed 3 weeks ago. A long battle trying to get him on track finally ended in the nightmare ending I always knew could come one day. I also lost 2 of my sick Make a Wish kids the past 2 months as well. All this has really taken a toll on me and made me more aware of how short life is. My parents are both declining in health and I need to spend more time visiting with them as well as now trying to help out some with my friends wives and my cousin's wife and all their kids, some still very young in age. Plus with me now working more with the Make a Wish and doing some important stuff bringing sick kids Live to a CFB or NFL game as well as working with the Police as well, my plate is overfull. I also have my oldest sister getting both knees replaced in late October and I want to be there to pitch in and help her out as well. I will also be going to watch my Royals play 12 games in September as well as 6 more Yankees games including Derek Jeters final 3 home games. I am also planning on seeing 3 UCLA games too and just can't put in the full amount of time needed to be around to sell picks. I will decide what to do when CBB season rolls in mid-November but at this point I would bet against selling them this year. I am very much looking forward to all the things I have ahead these next 2-3 months. I also hope to see a few Redskins games as well this year. I have returned all checks/payments from the clients who sent in so please let me know if any chance you haven't gotten it. I have a deal for radio show in place but also doubt I will be honoring it this Football season. I will also be opening my first House for Sick Kids families in Philly in early October. I am super excited as this has been my main goal for past 3 years. I want to wish you all a wonderful WINNING SEASON ahead with all your Football bets. Kick ass and crush the books. I may start a new Blog and post all my thoughts on the games each weekend. I'll update here more in a few weeks. Have a Happy and Fun and SAFE Labor Day Holiday weekend and God Bless to all. Thanks to all for your support over the past 25 years. Go Redskins and UCLA and same to you with your favorite teams. I will enjoy seeing my Royals in this rare Playoff run in September and hopefully a rare Playoff berth as well in October. I am still not sure how we are in first place but hey it's surely long overdue. Hopefully my Redskins can enjoy a nice season and make some noise in a weak NFC East. I know this will be a ton of fun these next 4-5 weeks.....and will really enjoy this time off. Touch base more down the road. GG

SUN JUNE 8 NOTE: Well an extremely sad day today as we here in Las Vegas lost 2 local Metro Policemen who were savagely killed execution style. This is the terrible nightmare every family member of a Policemen/woman fears each and every day - "will my loved one make it home safe from his shift today?". My Dad was a Sergeant for almost 3 decades and I was always grateful for each night he arrived home safe. My heart breaks to know two families won't have their loved one coming home after this senseless tragedy. My thoughts and my entire families thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Officers Beck and Soldo. We hope and pray this is the one and only incident of this kind and that all our Police and Fire Department members stay SAFE as they watch over our community! God Bless to all those who serve us.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy and most of all SAFE summer ahead and we will be back for Season 26 sometime in August 2014! Enjoy the games and may all your wagers be Winning ones and see you all at a Baseball game this summer!

MON TITLE CBB GAME FINAL: (0-1): We lose final play with Kentucky!

SAT FINAL 4 PICK FINAL: (1-0): We cash only play with (Total) on Wisky/Kentucky-"OVER 138 1/2"! Last play coming Monday night in Title game!

FINAL 4 SAT UPDATE: We have one play on a "Total" Saturday!

TUES 4/1 NIT FINAL 4: (1-0): We get a rare huge comeback winner with SMU (-3) for only play of day. Passing Wed night smaller tourney game.

SAT/SUN 3/29-30 ELITE 8: (2-1): Well a ton of close games this weekend and most lived up to the "hype" hoped by all to watch. Wisky won straight up as small dog (+3) on Saturday and Sun we cashed a close one as Mich/Kentucky-"OVER" snuck Over the "Total". A third pick lost with Michigan State as they imploded bigtime. One play for Tuesday night NIT Final 4. Have a nice new week ahead and very excited for "Opening Day" in Baseball on Monday. Good Luck to all your fav Baseball Teams, unless they play in AL Central. Go KC! :)

FRI 3/28 BIG DANCE FINAL: (1-0): Nice winner on only play but once again we have a (real) Black Friday. Exactly one week after my cousin passed yesterday morning my best friend's Mom passed away. She was not sick. No signs. She just passed of an assumed heart attack killing her instantly. In our lives we all have our own real Moms. But when you are a kid you have a handful or two of second-Moms as your best friends Moms are like your own Mom. I am heartbroken and stunned to go thru this twice in just one week. Last Fri I am on my way to see games in San Diego in Big Dance. Yesterday I was a few hours from taking the train to Madison Sq Garden to again see Big Dance games. I didn't make it to either set of games. In some way, I was blessed, because I was actually at my NJ home this week and got to see her on visit Wed night one last time. I know at 75 and older you kinda expect these passings somewhat, but I think it's much tougher when someone isn't sick at all. Mrs. M you will surely be missed. As for the games it's again like Friday night a super tough card overall. I have 2 reg. plays thus far this weekend and one on Mon night in the NIT Final 4. I'll post my next update on Monday as I will be heading to MSG tomorrow to see the Final game there. Have a nice weekend ahead and enjoy the games! And remember to go see or even call that family member or close friend you maybe haven't seen in awhile. You may be insanely glad you did!

THURSDAY 3/27 BIG DANCE FINAL: (2-1): After 3 day layoff and a long gut wrenching 3 days, we got back in action and had a nice night overall. Watching my UCLA boys fall short took away some from a winning night but the better team Florida won. It was a very fun season overall for the Bruins in Alford's first year. Some great matchups on Fri night but only one play for us. I want to say THANK YOU to all the folks who emailed in with kinds words of my cousin's passing. He left behind a beautiful wife (who sadly has M.S.) and a beautiful 16 year old daughter (my Goddaughter). To die at just 47 is just way, way too young. I don't think you can ever be prepared for it when it happens in your circle. Enjoy the weekend ahead and hopefully the games are all great to watch tonight. Gotta love Louisville/ Kentucky matchup anytime of year but now winner goes to Elite 8. A lot at stake in what should be a classic.

SUN 3/23 BIG DANCE FINAL: (2-3): We close the week on a sour note as it was just choppy all week from get go. First full losing week in a long time and no complaints. We did bad job for most part all week. Sunday we split our two "Best Bets" with an EZ win on Virginia but a Terrible Loss with Creighton. Been a few too many huge blowout losses this year. It's been a roller coaster season much of way and hopefully we can spin back to close this season out with a few final winners in Sweet 16 and rest of way. Have a great new week ahead. I am off to NJ and lucky me snow expected late tonight or tomorrow.

SAT 3/22 BIG DANCE FINAL: (4-2): A little more fun day overall as we chipped back some of yesterday's huge losses. Our 2 "Best Bets" split... as we read 5 picks way off. Got a few more super solid plays Sunday and hoping to chip back more of Fri losses and end week on a decent note. Enjoy rest of weekend and the office will be closed Mon and Tues as we head back East for my cousins funeral. Re-open Wed....If you are on VIP Club please notify me asap by Monday at noon if you want the next set of picks for Thurs/Fri action as we release them.

BLACK FRIDAY 3/21 FINAL: (2-7): Well last Thursday we had a Black Thursday with a (3-10) day. Friday wins and losses aren't as bad...but the day itself was as crushing to me and a day I'll never forget. I woke up smiling and excited as I was headed to SDiego to see my UCLA boys in action Live in the Big Dance. As I waited for my plane to arrive at gate I got the call nobody wants to ever get. My cousin back home, only 47, my main man, had died of a massive heart attack. I thought watching my Duke boys lose, in early morning action, had made it a bad day already! I soon realized no wins or losses can ever compare to losing a family member, and in this case one so young still. Watching the games last night wasn't really fun or exciting at all. I love CBB and the Big Dance. I was soooo excited for the new Baseball season. On April 1st even my team is still in the race. What's ironic for the first time in forever I had convinced my cousin and two other buddies to go with me to see an Opening Day in Kansas City this year. I couldn't have been more excited. Now though the excitement is fully gone. I was up late and watched LA/AZ ride in a new Bases season. I lasted 2 innings. I couldn't enjoy it at all. Well we will try to end this roller coaster crazy CBB season on a winning note somehow. It's been all big swings up and down. The weekend though brings some super solid spots and we hopefully will turn around yesterday's horrific one. Have a great weekend and make sure you spend some quality time with your family. Sometimes before you know it they may be gone. Have a nice weekend. God Bless.

THURS 3/20 BIG DANCE FINAL: (1-2-1): Well the story of season continued on as we lose another big underdog in Overtime (St Joes) turning the day around. We start off with 40 point Wisky win, then lose insane heartbreaker with St Joes in Overtime, then watch Arizona St (+2) make super comeback only to push on a last second putback. Then we close day off with SD State imploding late to make for a losing day overall. Solid card today so hoping to get a comeback day Friday.

MON/TUES 3/17 AND 3/18 CBB FINAL: We passed Monday small card and Tuesday was another normal for our 2014 season as we implode not once, but in both games we picked. Davidson up 14 loses by 1 point, and Utah up double digits in a Pick'em game implodes at 5 min mark of second half. So (0-2), in what looked like a good night. Hard to take these 2 losses off the great Michigan State win on Sunday. We are taking a Pass Wed. night as we get ready for next 2 days of the Big Dance action.

SUN 3/16 CBB: (1-0) - Only one play Sunday but a super easy and enjoyable blowout win by Michigan State (2x Revenge) for a "2 Unit-Best Bet" as we close out a so-so Conf Tourney season this year but really other then our Black Thursday going (3-10) we did a solid job and now at (+31 UNITS) we'll head to the Big Dance with another tremendous CBB Season in the books. This has been a total roller coaster season with a ton of "heartbreaking" losses and one of our worst 2 week stretches ever earlier this season. But it's games like today, where you get one of those 10 bets all year where you really feel the game can't lose, and it goes exactly as you expected it would and wins in an EZ blowout. Looking forward to this years wide open Big Dance and what the brackets look like.

SAT 3/15 CBB: (2-1) - Well as was the norm all season, two of 3 plays go to wire, we win one close and we lose one close. UCLA wins in basically wire to wire cover job....CS-Northridge (2x Revenge winner too) grabs close cover, while SD State can't hold late 1 point lead for what is a small winning day overall. At this junction of half the board of games being decided very late, with many the final FT or FT's deciding the final outcomes, any winning day we will happily accept. Only 1 play Sunday (*solid 2 UNIT "BEST BET") as we close out the Conference Tourney 2+ weeks of action. Hopefully we can close out the long week with a huge final winner before the Big Dance next week.

FRI 3/14 CBB: (4-1) - A nice sweep averted in final game we picked as we lose by 1 point. Only fitting for how this season has gone with close losses. Baylor wins wire to wire easily as "Best Bet" of day (also only 2x Revenge play). NC/Pitt-"OVER 141" flies over total, and Creighton and Nebraska (sad to see this team lose) somehow avoid gigantic implosions and hold on for cover. Only a few plays on Saturday card (*no Best Bet today). Hoping to finish off Bigger Conference Tourney week on winning note. Have a nice weekend.

THURS 3/13 CBB: - (3-10) - Well the 13th turned out to be a bad Omen as we got destroyed for our worst ever CBB day and surely worst ever Tourney day in 25 year career. We lose 5 heartbreakers and basically 7 losses by 3 points or less. "Best Bets" go (0-2) and 2x Revenge games go (1-2). Okla State (+3) losing in Overtime spelled out the theme of the day. Our shoot for (+50 season) ends in horrific fashion.

WED 3/12 CBB: Losing night (2-3): As of late, it's a lot of close lucky wins, or close unlucky losers. Our swing game Boston College (+1) loses in OT (also a 2x Revenger). No serious damage done on Garbage day card of bottom feeders. Hopefully Thursday card of some serious solid matchups will bring us better/winning results. May play 10-12 games (3-4 Best Bets as well), as this is one of 2 final days of huge and very solid cards.

TUES 3/11 CBB: Passed the entire card.

MON 3/10 CBB FINAL: (3-1-1) day that was full of wild endings. First the 3 winners: Both 2x Revenge picks win as William and Mary imploded late for straight up win but luckily didn't go to OT to cash ticket. Then San Fran sadly took us to OT (for the double digit time this year our pick of +4 or more went to OT), but luckily hung tough to cash the ticket still. Our 3rd winner was one of sheer luck as Denver/NDakota St-"Over 128" got no help all night from Denver until a shocking 8 point run in minute and half late to just sneak Over total. Wofford blew huge lead but two late fouls got us a PUSH (we released at -3, not -2 1/2). Our only loss was an added game I released late and it turned to be a heartbreaker as we lose our first (and likely last) Halftime bet. Manhattan/Iona-"OVER 80" in second half loses by a point as Manhattan misses late FT to seal a push and then Iona (*who completely mismanaged (quick) fouls in last minute) could barely manage a last shot. Another wacky day in by far wackiest season of my career as a nice winning outcome but easily a day that could've ended (5-0) or even (0-5) with some severe bad luck endings. For most part Lady Luck has looked our way and turned this now into a really gigantic winning season. Tues card brings us nothing so we will take a pass and just enjoy a good BYU/Gonzaga final. Double Revenge picks now rock solid (5-1) and fully expect this trend to keep cashing in rest of this week (not every game but in very solid situations). Back Wednesday with a few solid selections in the bigger Conf Tourney's.

SUN 3/9 CBB FINAL: (2-1) overall! Our "Best Bet" (St. Joes -8) never sniffed cashing in and so very disappointed in that one. Our Tourney stuff keeps winning as our fav Manhattan crushed another one of our fav's Quinny as no way Quinny was beating them 3x this season. Nebraska continued to fill our pockets with another home win. Huskers HC Miles the "Coach of Year" winning with team expected to finish last. They missed a (15-0) home record by 1 point. Easily the best team casher for us this 2013-14 season. One last week to beat the books as we finish off my fav time to bet all season with the bigger Conference Tourneys. Monday card likely 3 plays - all Conf Tourney games. Have a great new week ahead.

SAT 3/8 CBB FINAL: (10-4) overall! Another wild ride of a day ends with HUGE profits as 4 Best Bets go solid (3-1). Tourney action goes just (2-2) as well as our season long fav Quinny held on to cover, and we get lucky close win with Belmont/E.Kty-"OVER 151", although we take a terrible bad beat with BYU allowing 3 at the buzzer to fall just short of (-12). Wisc-Green Bay never sniffed the cover and lose straight up (-12). Duke, Cal-Santa Barbara (our Best winner all day) and Quinny all cash in as "Best Bet" winners, while Michigan our only loser for our Big plays. Oregon (+3) great comeback, Oregon State and Dayton both hang on for close winners, Princeton and Creighton (relatively easy covers) and one miracle cover as Iowa St/Okla St-"OVER 154" gets money thanks to Overtime (this is second time in same series we used this Over and won both thanks to Overtime). LSU, Michigan, Wisc-GBay all really wrong side losers. One of our fav days to bet all year ends with nice profits, hoping to close the week on Sunday with a few more solid picks. *We will have one "Best Bet" at least in a Reg season game. Lot's of work to do as we have to research all the new Tourney matchups. Sunday will have 3 plays, with one a "Best Bet" and one of the 3 a Tourney game.

FRI 3/7 CBB FINAL: (3-2) overall! Conf Tourney action goes solid (3-1) as Samford, Wisc-Milw and Belmont all win easily. Akron fell tad short and Tourney loser was Oakland (never sniffed a chance). Gigantic card on Saturday with some bigger Conference final games and more great Conf Tourney picks. Looks like 4 "Best Bets" overall. Hoping for another big Saturday overall day. SAT CARD: 14 picks, 4 are 1 1/2 Unit-"Best Bets" and 4 are Conf Tourney games.

WED 3/5 CBB FINAL: Losing night (1-2) overall as we have 3 games and all went up and down entire games. This time we end up on short end with tough 1 point loss in only when they ended in final seconds. Passing Thursday night card as nothing even close to a solid play. With Sat gigantic card looming with tons of solid plays, we can wait another day. May have a few nice Tourney plays on the Friday card.

TUES 3/4 CBB FINAL: Another wild/wacky overall night. (3-3) that could've been better and could've been a lot worse. 3 insane close finishes we luckily go (2-1) with. We will take it and move to another night. 3 nice Reg. season plays Wednesday night. Conf. Tourney play wins = (1-0): so far. Thursday pre-work early looks coming up empty. Possibly worst set of games I've ever seen. Every horrible team in action vs. each other in Conf Tourney's. Will surely be tiny set of plays if any.

SUN 3/2 CBB FINAL: We end week on losing note (2-3) as it could've easily been worse and maybe (0-5) outcome. Luckily Clemson wins in OT and Iona tried to blow 23 point lead and not cover, but ended up with pretty big win in the end. Our amazing "Best Bet" run ended as Ucla/Oregon St-"OVER 151" fell short as Ucla slow start and awful shooting in first half really made this game never a shot. Our Q-train has now run off tracks as we suffered worst loss maybe ever as Qunnipiac loses by 31. Ouch. St Johns also imploded and so we end week on sour note, but overall week was (20-14-1) so the nice run continued on for another week. Hope to cash in on last week of Major Conferences regular season games and hit some lower tier Conference Tourney games as well. Passing Mon night tiny card. Back Tuesday. Have a great new week.

FRI/SAT 2/28 and 3/1 FINAL: ** (8-6-1) ** Well we avoided Lady "Unluck" for most of February but she was overdue to find us as we had a huge 15 game card Fri night and Sat! Well she found us 3x late in final minute of games Sat., but we can't complain as Kansas St, Okla St and BYU all found ways to somehow win and cash our tickets in final minute of games too. Add in Boise State (actually a pretty solid winner in end, but down 21-4 to start game), who looked awful early, to ever have shot at cashing. Minny (+9) losing by 10 likely our worst loss in 3+ weeks as their largest deficit all game was (-11). Tiny profit made overall, hopefully Sun card will bring a nice end to another solid winning week. Looks like 4 or maybe 5 plays.

THURS 2/27 CBB FINAL: (1-0) After a long stretch of Lady (Un)Luck, we have not seen her for almost 3 full weeks and we get the MIRACLE win of season on two notes as UCLA/OREGON-"OVER 155" wins even after very late suspension of UCLA top two stars! We then needed 2 Overtimes, but we somehow got them to keep this month of February riding a complete Steamroll. Would've been nice to end the month with this amazing winner, but we have one solid play going Friday to put a final finish to one of the best months ever.

WED 2/26 CBB FINAL: Great bounceback off tough Tues night as we go (6-2) and hit both "1 1/2 Unit- Best Bets" as Buffalo almost imploded a 15 point lead but held on for win and Arizona St wire to wire EZ winner. Ole Miss, UNLV and NC State all tried to blow but all 3 held on nicely. Neb/Illi-UNDER cashes pretty easily. Two losers never had a shot. Overall February has been off charts and again this season shows why it's my fav month of entire year to bet games (any sport). Looks like 1 maybe 2 picks on Thursday (no Best Bets). Likely last day of month Thursday so hoping to finish with a bang. Very excited for Conf Tourney action, usually a very profitable 2 weeks and we are now in total sync.

TUES 2/25 CBB FINAL: Well our 15 day "non-losing days" streak Ends, and luckily for us, Kansas State, going from late implosion to last minute win, we don't get swept. (1-3) day with 2 terrible calls and Valpo trying late but no cover there in final 17 seconds. We will try to get back on a new winning streak on the bigger Wed. card!!

MON 2/24 CBB FINAL: We hit side and total on Okie (+11 1/2) and Okie/Kansas - "OVER 155" with nice late scoring spree! Solid (2-0) night overall to start new week off in nice fashion. Tremendous run now and Lady Unluck has left building for over 2 weeks. Looks like 3-5 plays Tuesday night!

SUN 2/23 CBB FINAL: (1-0) as our only play Nebraska, the "Home Money Train", keeps cashing in for us. So we go 13 days straight without a losing day as February again very kind to us as it's always been. Second straight solid week as we go (11-7) hitting both "2 UNIT BEST BETS". Last full solid week of Conference Regular season play this week. Hoping to get a (+10) week overall this upcoming week. We have turned this into a really good season and hope to finish it with a huge bang. Have a great new week.

SAT 2/22 CBB FINAL: (4-3) day overall as we do cash another solid 2 Unit "Best Bet" as New Mexico rolls in wire to wire ez winner. Okla, Richmond and St. John's (moneytrain) all cash easily but sadly Q-train win streak ends in close loss ATS. Colorado and Wyoming both had no shot (two bad picks by us). One play Sunday.

THURSDAY 2/20 CBB FINAL: Nice day (2-1) as our 2 Unit "Best Bet" wins wire to wire as 6 1/2 point dog as Quinnipiac again cashes ticket for us. Other two plays split as small dog San Fran (+2) wins easy but Duke/NC-"OVER" falls well short. Passing Friday and back Saturday with another huge card/set of plays and hopefully another solid winning Saturday overall. Have a great weekend.

TUES/WED 2-18/2-19 CBB Final: TUES (2-1) and WED (2-2) !!

Sun 2/16 CBB Final: One of greatest weeks of career ends with nice (2-0) day. Once again one game tried to implode late like it did all season, but this week it holds on as Quinnipiac keeps cashing us tickets! Other game cashes with 7+ mins to go as Villanova/Creighton-"Over 147" flies over TOTAL to end week with tremendous (23-8) overall. Amazing how it's all hot or cold with Lady Luck this year but at this point we gladly enjoyed being on the winning side of around 10 close finishes for rare time. Very fun two weeks ahead as we finish Conference play and then my fav week the Conference Tournaments. I am off to Cali and catching Clippers and Lakers games this week. Let's keep this amazing run rolling this upcoming week too. Have a great new week ahead! Passing Monday small card. Tues card early look: bad too!

Sat 2/15 CBB Final: Very weird season continues on as for months Lady Un-Luck got us nearly every close finish. Now we can't lose a close finish. Huge day overall (6-3) winning 2 unit-Super Best Bet (North Carolina -3, wins by 4). Three 1 1/2 unit-Best Bets all win: Missouri (-2) tied late wins by 5, Marq (-3 1/2) wins by 9 but blew big lead only to close out late, Cal (-1) goes down 27-15 then runs off 17 straight points to cruise to easy win! Gonzaga (-17 1/2) wins by 19 on late 3, and Fresno St (-3) tries to implode late blowing 16 point lead to only hold 6 point lead, then pulled away final minute to win by 9. So we go from the unluckiest run in my 25 year career to now the most insane "win every close finish" for an entire week. Nice week (21-8) overall hitting all our "Best Bets" and now turning this into a very solid season with still 2 of my favorite weeks of year left ahead next 2 weeks. Hopefully Lady Luck sticks around for one or two more weeks as we go for a gigantic finish to close out our 25th Anniversary season. Sunday card weak but maybe 2 plays.

Fri 2/14 CBB Final: Well outta nowhere Lady Luck finding us on back to back nights as we again sweep (3-0) board with 2 close wild finishes that finally going our way for a chance. (8-0) last 2 nights and (15-5) run this week gets us back into a winning zone and hopefully it leads to a solid finish to another monster season overall! Best 3 weeks of CBB action coming up so time to make this season as good as the rest have been with big late run!

Thursday 2/13 CBB Final: Lady Luck finally finds us as we nail a Perfect (5-0) night! Took over 3 months but at this point we will take the nice night! Our one solid day all year has been the Saturday big card. Likely 8-9 plays/4 Best for sure! We may play a few Fri games this week too!

Wed 2/12 CBB Final: Well wild night turns into (5-4) overall as usual our one close call loses. One game cancelled due to snow in NC! (7-5) week so far as we try to get another huge run going the rest of this week's action.

Tues 2/11 CBB Final: We split (1-1) with nice outright winner on Wyoming (+4) but we lose with Tenny as small dog as they couldn't hold off halftime lead. Better team won so (1-1) is night we deserved. Gigantic card Wed so we need to pick it up and have a solid night.

Mon 2/10 CBB Final: Well we grab win on only play and surprisingly once again a huge meltdown late. But Kansas St (+4) does cash in O.T., and at this point we will take the winner (complete right side) and move onto tomorrow. 2-3 plays likely Tues night in CBB.

Sun 2/9 CBB Final: We hoped for a sweep and got swept. Our two worst days in 25 years 3 days apart as we go (0-4) as every pick imploded late. We lose our 10th "3 point favorite" by winning by just 2 points. Roller coaster season week to week since day 1. Now (7-44) on games decided by 1/2pt-2points! At least it can't really get any unluckier. Or wait I guess this year it could. Hopefully another hot run finds us this week. Is it Saturday card yet? LOL!

Thur 2/6 and Fri 2/7 and Sat 2/8 CBB Finals: We passed Thursday and Fri cards and Sat we have a solid day albeit with 3 more tough losses in final ticks of games. We did finally win one close on Hawaii so for rare time we have Lady Luck find us. (*6-4) overall Saturday with nice/rare "*Best Bet" winner on Utah State. Nice bounce back off worst day in years in CBB (Wed) and another winning Saturday card. Smaller, but very good, card Sunday in CBB, so hoping to make it a winning overall weekend.

WED CBB 2/5 FINAL: Well Lady Unluck shined brighter then entire career as we lose 4 games in final seconds by 1/2pt-2 points and go horrific (1-6) overall. Worst CBB night in years as we are now an nearly impossible (6-40) in games decided by 1/2 point to 2 points! We were on the other side of this in Football last year but no longer at this crazy level. Huge 10 day win streak nearly wiped in half in one night. Passing Thursday and Fri in CBB --- back Sat with big card!

TUES CBB FINAL 2/4: We continue torrid run of late with a nice (2-0) night winning Ohio St (+6) straight up and Manhattan (-12 1/2) tried to blow up in second half but pulled thru a nice ticket cash winning by 15. CBB now in very good sync and fully expect a gigantic run rest of Conference Play.

MONDAY CBB FINAL 2/3: We hit our only play in rare lucky fashion as Iowa St/Ok State - "OVER 158" cashes thanks to Overtime. Although not a 2 point to spread win, we will count it as a close win. Now 6-36 this year on games decided by 2pts or less. Was nice to win one that way. Two plays Tues night in CBB. CBB now rolling really nicely.

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY Final: Well we end season with biggest loss maybe of lifetime betting as "Best Bet" Bronco's got mauled. Prop bets go so so 6-6, but luckily hit the "Yes": "will there be a 2 pt conversion made" for huge plus (+425) to make a small profit overall. By far my worst bet (pick) of year, add on worst sporting event I've now ever been to "Live" (well game results anyway). Field/setup there was beautiful and halftime show was electric. Weather turned out not bad at all. Tough way to end our 25th Season, but overall a nice winning Football season. 8 Weeks now of CBB left as we hope to finish the season on a winning note. Been a crazy up and down Hoops season thus far. On the upswing last 8 days and hoping February turns out profitable in Conference play action.

SAT FEB 1 CBB Final: Another solid CBB day (6-2) as we continue to run well now in CBB! And we now hit our fav month of year to bet so hoping to keep this nice streak going for next 27 days!

THURS 1/30 CBB Final: We hit both plays (2-0) with a rare huge comeback as Nebraska down big at half wins! UConn our easiest winner all year. CBB somewhat back in sync....Passing Fri night and hoping for nice BIG day on Saturday!

WED 1/29 CBB Final: A huge night turned ugly in two games in final minute after leading wire to wire only to lose by 1/2 point, so we settle for a (4-4) split.

TUES 1/28 CBB Final: Start looked good with early 2-0 but we lose later "Best Bet" for (2-1) night overall! Huge card Wed night so hoping for solid overall evening on the CBB Hardwood!

MON 1/27 CBB Final: Only play Duke wins easily as we keep mini run going.

SUN 1/26 CBB Final: Only play "Best Bet" wins as Minny holds on (whew rare time we don't implode late and lose a wire to wire winner)! CBB on mini run now and some solid cards and awaited games on deck this week. Hope to get on a big run this week! 1 play Mon and looks like "Best Bet" possibly Tues night!

SAT 1/25 CBB Final: Well 6 pack Sweep falls short on final game of night (5-1 day overall) as we finally enjoy a solid day in CBB for first time in over a week. Just one play Sunday but it is a "Best Bet"....we hope to close out the week on a nice winning note!

THURS 1/23 CBB final: Losing night again (1-2)! Passing Fri...back Saturday with hopefully solid big card.

WED 1/22 CBB final: Losing night (2-3) as it's either EZ blowout winners or tough meltdown losers - back and forth season continues on!

TUES 1/21 CBB Final: We win our only play (1-0) on New Mexico!

SUN 11/19 Final: NFL goes (0-1-1) losing Best Bet and pushing other game. CBB reverts to losing side with (0-2) on Sunday. Passing Mon night.

SAT 1/18 Final: CBB has small winning day (3-2) as all 3 winners win in Blowouts. Both losses? The usual for this 2013-14 CBB season - both by hoop. NFL Sunday: Two plays and one is a "Best Bet". Enjoy final day of FB til the Super Bowl!

THUR 1/16 FINAL: CBB (2-1)has winning night. No close loss. Horrible streak of close losses finally ends.

WED 1/15 FINAL: CBB splits (2-2) with another nice loss by 1 point in last seconds. Three games on tap for Thursday night.

TUES 1/14 FINAL: A miracle has occured, as we go (3-1) in CBB and actually go to bed a winner. Of course the final play for sweep imploded late to keep that (not) lucky trend/streak going. We will go 4 more plays Wed night in CBB and try for an insane two straight winning days (lol).

MON 1/13 Final: Well one play and as the past week in CBB = 1 loser. Kansas/Iowa St-"OVER" loses as we missed 100 FT's and 50 three' even 7 missed FT's in final minute. That's story of our season. Important week ahead now as good solid cards next 3 nights either get us on track or start to cry. :)

SUN 1/12 Final update: We split (1-1) in NFL Playoffs Sunday as we hit our "SuperBest Bet" on Niners but really had no shot in second game with "Best Bet" loser on SD/DENVER-"OVER 54 1/2". CBB ends worst week in 8 years with another losing day (1-2). Back to square one now as we start season basically all over again. Tough to win when you lose 25 now close calls but that's gambling. Last year in Football we won more then that on close ones. This year total opposite. Hopefully we can turn it back to winning ways this new week.

SAT 1/11 Final update: NFL Playoff "Best Bet" wins easily as Colts/Pats - "Over" flies over for solid winner. But CBB continues to implode (3-5) as we lose two more insane heartbreakers (one O.T.) and even worse are now sweating (+10) point dogs up 18 having to go to Overtime to grab a win. Nothing at all going right this week and likely ends up our worst one week ever in CBB picking. Hopefully NFL 2 "Best Bets" (one a Super Best Bet) can cash in and at this point nowhere to go but up in CBB.

Tues-Fri CBB Final update: CBB imploded past few nights (5-10) with a "Best Bet" loser as well. Amazingly 6 more losses by 1/2pt-2pts making that number 23 for year. After great weekend last weekend it's back to terrible results. Three NFL Playoff picks this round and all 3 are "Best Bets".

SUN 1/5 Final Update: Bengals no can do as Dalton implodes.... so (0-1) day evening Playoff run at (1-1). CBB finishes off fantastic weekend as both Sunday plays cash as easily as any ticket ever will all season. Both "Totals" on USC/UCLA and OREGON/COLORADO fly over each Total making for solid (2-0) day and (6-1) weekend. Thank God for CBB Conference Play and hopefully a long run is in store as we break a rough patch last few weeks. Off to go see Title Game in LA and then surgery Tuesday. Radio show dark til Friday (tentative but very hopeful for that Fri show). Next update likely Friday. *Call office for daily updates this upcoming week. **No Title Game pick as both my top teams this year playing but I'll say Fla. State wins and cashes the tickets (-9 1/2) too!!

SAT 1/4 Final Update: Huge day overall as only NFL Playoff Pick wins 2 minutes into 3rd quarter as INDY/KC-"OVER 46" flew over total easily. CBB finally has a big day with solid (4-1) outing. We even had our first team down 12 come back and cover spread for nice comeback winner. We lose again with LSU as they beat us 3rd time now after two nice early wins. We'll take nice (5-1) day as Football really ending on a nice note and we hope Playoffs keep our lifetime winning trend with some more winners these last 3 weeks. One NFL Playoff Sunday and 2 CBB plays. No Bowl pick today.

FRI 1/3 Final Update: Well Lady Luck bounced our way for a rare time as Mizzou cashed in along with "Best Bet" winner on Ohio St/Clemson-"OVER 68", but Ohio State did lose so we settle for (2-1) day making for a much better Bowl Season this year, as we really only had two Duds this year in less overall Bowl picks. No Bowl Pick for Sat Jan 4th game.... but huge CBB card Saturday and a few possible "Best Bets" Sunday as well. NFL Playoffs are here and we hope to duplicate longtime success in NFL Playoffs! Have a great weekend.

Thur 1/2 CBB Final: CBB continues to collapse late with heartbreaking (0-3) night again losing every close finish late. Passed Bama/Okla game! NO CBB Fri and 3 Bowls on Fri. Likely one NFL Saturday.

WED 1/1 Final update: Only play of day and one of only two "Bowl Best Bets" WINS easily as "Super Best Bet" of C.Fla/Baylor - "OVER 68" soars over total making for a great start to 2014 Season. Passing Thursday Bowl game but one final "Best Bet" remains on Fri night (**3 overall Bowl plays Fri).

TUES 12/31 Final update: CFB Bowls go (2-1) on day with easy winners on UCLA and Duke/A+M-"OVER 74" with Rice getting severely cooked for huge loser (my worst call of season). CBB again implodes in final minute to stiff cover (0-1).

MON 12/30 CFB BOWLS final update: We suffer 1st losing Bowl day going (1-2) -- Now (8-3) in Bowl season so far. **3 Bowl picks for final day of 2013 and 1 CBB bet as well.

SUN 12/29 NFL final update: Well story of the entire season in NFL as we lose another heart wrencher stopping a sweep overall. (2-1) day to close out Reg season in the NFL. Next radio show will be Thursday Jan 2nd at normal time. Terrible weather delayed flight back to Vegas today to record show in time. Passing Mon CBB card!

Sat 12/28 Full Final update: CFB Bowls stay "Red-Hot" hitting both Sat. plays (2-0 and now 7-1) in EZ fashion as N.C. and Louisville win BIG from wire to wire. **CBB continues to lose every close game with another loss by 1 point - very disappointing (1-2) day overall as we can't seem to close out a game with big leads late, all season now. No CBB Sunday...back likely Monday with more CBB.
**3 more CFB Bowl plays on Monday.

Fri 12/27 Bowl final: We win our only play (1-0) in Bowl action Friday as Marshall (-2 1/2) cashes nicely *** Bowls on very solid (5-1) run to start this new Bowl Season. We have 2 CFB Bowl picks for Saturday Dec. 28th! CBB back Saturday too (likely 3 picks).

Thur 12/26 Bowl final: We win our only play (1-0) in Bowl action as PITT wins as dog play. One play ready for Fri in Bowl action - now solid (4-1) to start the 2013 Bowl Season!

Tues 12/24 Bowl final: We lose our first Bowl game (now 3-1) in tough fashion as "OVER" falls short with no points in final 9 minutes plus. One game Thursday in Bowl action. CBB Passed Wed-Fri .... back up Saturday.

"HAPPY HOLIDAYS" to all our web site readers, show listeners and clients! May you and your families all have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season this year. Please remember don't drink and drive, get a designated driver when you do drink. And please remember the Homeless Shelters in your area this Holiday season and help some people who are much less as fortunate as you may be. May all your wagers be WINNING ones this Holiday Season and please never bet what you can't afford to lose. God Bless from all of us at Bluebook Sports and Bet Vegas Radio! Office closed Tues at noon and closed all day Christmas Day! Office reopens on Thursday.

MON 12/23 Final report: Bowls (now 3-0) stay perfect with miracle late comeback win with East Carolina! Only CBB play UNLV wins easily for a solid (2-0) day! Only one Bowl play Tues night - no CBB Tuesday!

SUN 12/22 Final report: Well NFL reverts to ugly after tremendous run of late to a (0-3) day. CBB (1-0) thankfully wins as UNLV romped easily averting a winless day overall. No MNF pick tonight, but we do have a Monday Bowl Game pick and CBB too.

SAT Final report: We start off Bowl Season with 2 easy winners (2-0) unlike last season's horrible Bowl start. Colo St/Wash St-"OVER" and SD State both cash in easily. CBB continues to lose close games at insane rate last 2+ weeks as we go (3-3) losing all 3 losers by a hoop or less. "Super Best Bet" wins and other 2 "Best Bets" split up in CBB Saturday. NFL package up (*no Best) and ready along with 2 CBB (*both regular plays) for Sunday ready as well. Hoping to stay Red Hot in NFL on Sunday.

Thurs CBB 12-19 final update: Only play "Best Bet" loses as Duke/UCLA goes UNDER total making for second straight losing night in College Hoops. Passing Fri but expect 5-7 plays on Saturday's big card. Two Bowl games so far for Saturday.

Wed CBB 12-18 final update: Losing night (3-4) as two games collapse in final minute causing winning night to turn to losing one. One "Best Bet" on Thursday CBB card.

Tues CBB 12-17 Final update: We just miss a sweep with some late fouling so (2-1) night overall. Big card for Wednesday.

Mon Night Football pick never sniffed a win....terrible way to start the new week! Radio Show cancelled Tues and Wed due to travel and personal business....back Thursday again with show at noon/pst. CBB back in action tonight.

Weekend Final Recap 12/14 and 12/15: CBB passed Mon thru Fri but suffered another losing Sat (2-3) with 3 late implosions. Sunday only CBB pushes (although many did cash that one). We sadly passed on Navy on Saturday, but NFL has (4-2) day, and one more final NFL play still to come Mon night.

Weekend Final Recap 12/7 and 12/8: Sat CFB splits (2-2) overall, NFL hits 3 of 5 "Best Bets" with solid winners on Saints, Bolts and Cinci but tough loss on SF (-2 1/2) hurt chance at huge day. CBB Sat had a horrible day going just (1-4) for first bad effort of season.

Fri 12/6 Final: We lose our only play Fri (CFB play) as it was total "wrong side" loser!

Thursday 12/5 Final report: We lose our only play tonight (CBB) as we blow big lead and win but no cover! Play Fri in CFB!

Weekend Update: we have 7 "Best Bets" so far to this the very best overall card I've seen this year in Football. Call office now to win big this upcoming weekend. We even have a MNF play for this week as well.

Wed CBB 12/4 Final results: We win both games (2-0) easily as Wisky (+4) solid outright winner and Toledo also wire to wire blowout. CBB just off charts right now as almost all our handicaps are "dead on" the money! God Bless CBB!

Tues CBB 12/3 Final results: Well Boise St NO showed on us for first time this year stopping a complete 6 game SWEEP. We will happily take (5-1) night as we continue to Destroy Books so far in CBB as we are dead on right now. All those who received last weeks CBB Free your time is now expired after I extended your week thru last nights CBB action. Please call office (not between 1130am-130pm) to renew and get any new added plays. This is going to be a very BIG CBB season ahead again this year. Only 2 plays going Wed night!

MNF 12/2 final result: We lose only play on MNF - bad start to new week, but we have 6 solid CBB for Tuesday up and ready - can be bought for $49 bucks, No VIP Club membership needed to buy this package of CBB picks.

CBB November results: Well we took it slow in CBB to learn about how new "handcheck" rule would affect game results, but we are now in total crush mode as we had a huge 7 days winning streak going before splitting the 2 picks Sunday Dec. 1st, ending that torrid streak. "Best Bets" now (6-2) as we've nailed almost every game handicap wise dead on. Still long way to go, but CBB my favorite sport of all to bet, and right now I am totally in the zone in CBB and expect another gigantic CBB season ahead. Call now to join up for entire CBB Season!

Final Turkey Day 4 day weekend report: Well a crazy back and forth 4 days of Pigskin action as we make a small profit after splitting the CFB games and then just missing another huge week in NFL as Bills lose heartbreaker in OT settling for (3-1) NFL weekend. "Best Bets" cash in though with (5-3) overall weekend! Note too all new clients from last week please contact office ASAP to keep getting this new weeks picks the minute we release them Tuesday!

Sun (11/24) final report: Finally another big winning day in NFL as we just fall short of a huge sweep! We will take a solid (5-1) day and hope it propels us to a nice NFL run rest of way. All 6 picks were dead "ON" right sides as we have handicapped right side in all but 3 games this year, just haven't had Lady Luck our way. Overall though 31-27 isn't horrible. I'll make a big run rest of way as I have fared very well in Dec and Playoffs in NFL last 5 seasons. No pick MNF this week!

Sat (11/23) final report: (4-4) day as Ohio State gives up two late TD's to cost us winning day. Our two "Best Bets" split as Wash State goes wire to wire with nice win but Total on LSU/TAM just never really sniffed a chance to cover. *Overall (5-5) week in CFB is extremely disappointing we continue spinning our wheels of late. Hoping for a NFL turnaround day on Sunday!

Fri final report CFB: We lose crazy one with San Jose State!

Final Thurs report (11/21): We win only play on C.Florida in CFB as we just couldn't also pull trigger on our hometown UNLV team, but Congrats to HC Bobby Hauck and the Rebels for a Bowl earning season - been fun to finally watch this Football program turn the corner. *Two "Best Bets" going Saturday in CFB!

Final NFL Report: (3-4) week in NFL with "Best Bet" winner and luckily hanging on to cash "UNDER" in Mon Night game to avoid a really bad NFL Week 11 ! Very disappointing overall weekend as we can't solve NFL for first time in 5+ years!

Final CFB Report: (6-6) week with our "Best Bet" on Stanford a losing one! "Best Bet" going Sun in NFL!

Early week final report: UCLA, Indy and "Over" leads way to a solid early week run (3-1), Marshall dominated but no cover, as we now look to have a gigantic overall weekend!

SUN NFL FINAL REPORT: Worst day of year in NFL as we go horrible (1-4)! Pittsburgh wins for "Best Bet" but Lady Luck once again kicks us in the nuts on all rest as all 4 heartbreaking losses with 3 complete right side, just as been case all year for us in NFL no ticket cash. Dream weekend turned ugly fast! Thanks to all those who helped us raise money for Charity this week...(8-6) overall week was ok I guess thanks to both Best Bets winning but still another tough week to swallow as handicapping is dead ON, but the outcomes which is all that matters to most, very disappointing! Two "Best Bets" already up for next week's action!

THUR/FRI/SAT CFB FULL Final report: (7-2) overall with a rare "Best Bet" winner on Stanford a solid double digit dog straight up winner! One of 2 losses was Louisville on Fri night (OUCH)!!

WED (11-6) Final report: Nice winner to start off new week and hopefully start of gigantic overall week with CBB also now including in this week's overall action! Two "Best Bets" already in released picks so far....expecting my best week all season this entire week/all FB and CBB too!

SUN (11-3) NFL Final: After (2-1) early start, two late game losers send day to losing one overall (2-3). Passing MNF game.

SAT (11-2) CFB Final: *(6-3)* Solid day in CFB action Saturday as Florida State leads way along with solid Horses 2-day Breeders including a 33-1 shot winning horse pick! Hoping to roll with a huge Sunday in NFL. Turn those clocks back 1 hour too tonight!

FRI (11-1) Final: (0-1) *Oregon State gets smashed for loser to start off weekend - hope rest of weekend results are better - gigantic card Saturday!

MON (10-28) World Series Final report: Game 5 "UNDER" Wins easily for nice winner to start new week!

SUN (10-27) NFL Final report: Lady Luck finally smiled on us today as we sweep the board (3-0) - also hitting our "Best Bet" (Denver/Skins-"OVER") too!

SAT (10-26) CFB Final report: Losing day (4-5) as Lady (un)Luck gets us again! Last year we caught every break in book, this year none since first week of season! Hopefully that will change on Sunday!

SUN (10-20) NFL Final report: Overall slight winning day (5-4) as Lady Luck continues to NOT like us much this season. No play Monday night.

SAT (10-19) Final Report: Tough day in CFB (3-5)! MLB pick pushes!
***Biggest card of NFL season goes Sunday!

FRI (10-18) FINAL REPORT: Dodgers lose G6 for worst pick of our 2013 season! As Bob Uecker once said: "Just a bit outside"! Hoping for better results this weekend on the gridiron! CBB season opens tonight with Midnight feels like Xmas Eve to me as CBB "Best sport of all to wager on"! Have a great weekend!

SUN (10-13) NFL FINAL Report: Another losing week in NFL (1-3) as we lose two dead right side winners - NFL not been kind to us last two weeks - for first time in 3 full seasons we lose back to back weeks in the NFL! We will try to rebound this upcoming week in NFL and hope to keep strong CFB run going too!

SAT (10-12) CFB FINAL Report: Overall Solid Winning day (5-2-1) with "Best Bets" going (2-1) Missouri/*2 Unit Best Bet and Oreg.St/Wash.St-"OVER 63"/ *1 1/2 Unit Best Bet both Win! Washington Univ. horrific 4th qtr. (Loses as *2 unit Best Bet) stops gigantic day! Baseball Play - Red Sox G1 loses!

Mon 10/7 Final Report: Another tough ending for us with an Under bet as Rays Bullpen can't hold lead in ninth and "UNDER 7 1/2" falls short! No plays tonight!

Sun 10/6 Final Report: NFL suffers losing day (1-2) as one game didn't have a chance even before kickoff! Overall (6-4) week in Football, (3-1) in MLB Playoffs! Dark Mon in NFL game and one MLB Pick in action Monday.

Sat 10/5 Final Report: CFB has (4-2) day in most disappointing winning day of season!

Fri 10/4 Final report: Only play in MLB wins running our Playoffs start to solid (3-1)! Excellent Football card coming this now to be a strong winner this weekend on the gridiron - no "Best Bets"!

Thur 10/3 Final report: UCLA wins keeping FB picks red hot, but we lose tough one in MLB as LAD/ATL-"Under 6 runs" falls short by 1 run! (2-1) now in MLB Playoff action this season!

Wed 10/2 Final report: Tampa Bay Rays win easily for nice (2-0) start to 2013 MLB Playoffs! Pick in both MLB and CFB for Thursday....NFL Pick possible too - will decide Thursday morning! Call to win big this week and weekend!

Tues 10/1 Final report: PIRATES WIN to start Playoffs off on high note! Back to back nights of really easy picks to make! But we'll take it! Playoff pick up now for Wed Wild Card game in A.L.!!

MON 9/30 FINAL REPORT: EZ $ as books hand out a freebie with Saints.

SUN 9/29 FINAL REPORT: NFL has (2-1) day but 1st NFL "Best Bet" loses, even with a ton of chances, to get the win.

SAT 9/28 CFB FINAL REPORT: Promising (6-2) start ends with a hard thud as we lose possibly my two worst picks in past decade late Sat. night for (6-4) overall CFB day and (7-5) overall CFB week. Let's bounce back off first NFL losing weekend in a long time with a solid one Sunday. Happy Birthday to my sister D.M. Sunday as well!

FRI 9/27 FINAL REPORT: Only pick loses as SJ St/Utah St do everything but go OVER the Total....4 hour game of miscues inside red zone! Huge set of plays going Saturday for CFB action!

THUR 9/16 FINAL REPORT: Va. Tech (+7) wins straight up to start new week in winning fashion! We are releasing a pick on Fri night CFB TV game as well and the upcoming weekend card is as solid as it gets - hopefully HUGE weekend on tap!

SUN 9/22 FINAL REPORT: NFL suffers rare losing week (1-2) helping lead to overall losing (4-6) week! Passing Mon night NFL game!

SAT 9/21 FINAL REPORT: First "Best Bet" of 2013 wins with Stanford, but missed extra points turn day into a disappointing (2-4) overall. CFB has losing (3-4) week! Hopefully NFL stays on it's long 5 year+ HOT run on Sunday.

FRI 9/20 FINAL REPORT: Boise/Fresno -"OVER 68" WINS to keep the train rolling to start the new 2013 FB Season - first CFB "Best Bet" highlights Saturday card of games - call now to cash in BIG this weekend! Now (20-10) this new 2013 Season!

MON 9/16 FINAL REPORT: Cinci Bengals cash to finish off great weekend overall (10-6)....nice bounceback week off poor (2-4) showing last weekend!

SUN 9/15 FINAL REPORT: NFL goes (3-2) overall and Radio Free pick on Seattle (-3) wins easily! We are in action for rare MNF play! (18-10) start to new FB season!

SAT 9/14 FINAL REPORT: CFB had shot at super day but Utah loss in OT gives us a decent (6 - 4) day. Mayweather wins (Boxing is sooo corrupt still) and KC Royals Season Wins ticket cashes - all in all a very profitable day!

SUN 9/8 FINAL REPORT: Carolina fumbles inside 10 late to kill a Week 1 sweep in NFL - overall (2-1) day to start new NFL Season!

SAT 9/7 FINAL REPORT: Lady Luck from Week 1 steals back some this week in CFB with (0-3 Sat.) three heartbreaking losses! Hopefully NFL start to new season is winning one to salvage the weekend!

Fri 9/6: "Happy 55th Anniversary" to my Parents today! Small set of CFB picks this week due to smaller and weaker overall card! Have a winning weekend!

WED 9/4 REPORT: First Radio Show of the new season airs today (11am-1pm/pst)! Guests on today's show: Warren Moon and Nick Bogdanovich.

MON 9/2 FINAL UPDATE: We get our easiest win of new season as Florida State rolled on Labor Day completing our first week of picks in PERFECT fashion (7-0). After 4 very close and very lucky finishes with Ole Miss, Utah, Toledo and Ga./Clemson-"OVER", and even Oklahoma State (although a dominant performance overall) close to spread cover, our last two picks of Ucla and Fla State were very easy winners. Tremendous start to the new CFB season and hopefully we can continue the winning ways next week again. We are excited for the NFL season to finally kick off Thursday night.

SAT 8/31 FINAL UPDATE: We sweep the board (4-0) with 3 more Lady Lucks and a UCLA blowout winner! "PERFECT" (6-0) to kick off this new 2013 FB Season - passing two games in CFB more CFB play coming on Labor Day Monday!

THUR FINAL UPDATE: 8/29/13: 2013 CFB and our 25th Silver Anniversary Season starts off with a solid (2-0) on Opening Night Thursday, with a little Lady Luck sprinkled in there too! Passing the Friday CFB Card *** Saturday CFB Picks are up and ready!


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Sports betting odds are defined as: "The mathematical formula used to provide football handicapping or overall sports handicapping on all sporting games and events." The betting odds on a NFL football game might be 3 to 1 in favor of a particular team, for instance.

Basically football handicapping and sports handicapping is a process where the sports betting handicapper (Gary Greene in this case) sells his picks/daily betting Advice for upcoming games based on the sports betting line, betting odds, money line and the over/under among other things. Gary has proven his success on the Radio airwaves (25 years) and in his weekly Betting Magazine with the highest free pick winning % of any Handicapper in the country.

It is recommended to choose a football handicapping expert or sports betting handicapper carefully. When choosing, be sure to look for someone who is over 55% ATS (Against The Spread). Gary Greene has been consistently over this mark for 25 straight winning seasons! **Gary is one of just a few honest Handicappers in the country and is the host of the "Longest running" Sports Radio Show in Las Vegas (24 years), also appearing in over 20 of the Las Vegas Casino Sportsbooks, including the legendary Stardust Casino for nearly two decades.

Gary utilizes many different and unique methods to determine his picks for upcoming games including college sports betting lines and odds and Las Vegas betting lines and odds.

For 24 seasons, Gary's sports betting advice has been consistently over 55% ATS. Look for your sports betting advice right here all Football season long.

Join Gary's exclusive "Pay After Wins VIP Club" and only pay "IF GARY'S SPORTS BETTING PICKS WIN"! No one else offers such an exclusive concept in the world of Las Vegas sports betting or college sports betting and no one else offers better sports betting advice!!

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Gary Greene - The Vegas Sports Betting Handicapper Offers His Free Pick for Vegas Sports Betting and College Sports Betting

Gary Greene - The Vegas Sports Betting Handicapper Radio Show Featuring Vegas Sports Betting Lines and Sports Betting Advice for College Sports Betting and Football Handicapping

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